Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 17 October 2021

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Neon Zeon Hunter The Finest Noise Sampler 39 The Finest Noise
2 Athemon Reaching Deepness Athemon (self-released)
3 Kowloon Walled City Oxygen Tent Piecework Neurot
4 No God Only Teeth Stockholm Placenta Narshardaa
5 Stabbing Splatter Pit Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught (EP) Comatose
6 Intricated Ruthless Domination Apocalyptic Metamorphosis Comatose
7 Confess Megalodon Revenge At All Costs Rexius
8 Fleischer Der Schneider Knochenhauer Massacre
9 Coffin Creep Iron Whiskey Voids Grind To Death
10 Full Of Hell Asphyxiant Blessing Garden Of Burning Apparitions Relapse
11 Deadspeak Evil Dead Dissolve The Dreams (EP) Raw Skull
12 Lock Up Dark Force Of Conviction The Dregs Of Hades Listenable
13 Svardenvyrd Memories Will Keep Us Alive Scarred Lands Far Horizon
14 Sol Sistere Nothofagus Sol Sistere Cult Of Parthenope
15 Steel Prophet Escaped Book Of The Dead (Re-Release 2001) Rock Of Angels
16 Fortress Red Light Runner Don't Spare The Wicked High Roller
17 Operus Lost Score Of Nightmares Pride & Joy
18 Neon Zeon Frozen Astral Bliss (self-released)
19 Neon Zeon Kabuki Kill Astral Bliss (self-released)
20 Neon Zeon Darwin Award Astral Bliss (self-released)


Neon Zeon