Der Daiwel steet virun der Dier

Playlist 2 January 2022

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Siren S-Blade Serenade Back From The Dead (self-released)
2 Metal Cross Distasteful Party Soul Ripper From The Vaults
3 Mass Deception Red Dawn Halls Of Amenti (EP) Lion
4 Mantic Ritual Crusader Crusader (EP) M-Theory Audio
5 Ben Blutzukker James Brown Is Dead James Brown Is Dead (Single) (self-released)
6 Primal Rage Kill Yourself Awakening The Masses M & O
7 Eternal Drak The Bombs Are Falling Drak Metal (self-released)
8 Mean To You Strong Strong (EP) (self-released)
9 Luca Di Gennaro Chasing Next The 2nd Coming Lion
10 Zoya TTDSOV Songs From Isolation (self-released)
11 Lolita Terrorist Sounds Prison Song Prison Song (Single) (self-released)
12 Collapse Under The Empire Section VI Section IV-VI (EP) Finaltune
13 Choreomanic Time To Let It Out Choreomanic (self-released)
14 Vespero Tardigradas Milk (live) Winter Liventure (EP) (self-released)
15 Never Kenezzard Gravity The Long And Grinding Road (self-released)
16 MoE Silver Lining The Crone Vinter
17 Devcord The Lament Godisnowhere Lonelyroom
18 Komodor Just An Escape Nasty Habits Soulseller
19 Komodor Believe It Nasty Habits Soulseller
20 Komodor Nasty Habits Nasty Habits Soulseller