A18 - Dear Furious

A18 - Dear Furious

13 songs
34:07 minutes


A18 stands for Amendment 18 (which installed prohibition in the USA, just to be revoked again by Amendment 21), so there cannot be a doubt about the philosophical orientation of these guys. As much as I don't understand the motivation behind the straight edge movement and their self-proclaimed moral superiority, I still have the strong suspicion that among that kind of bands you find more than average who are stuck within genres of music that you'd have wished to be dead already long ago.

I like my old school hardcore as much as anybody, but then I rather stick to the originals, and that's where we get a problem. A18, switching from mid-tempo grooves to faster paced most part, with your occasional scream-along choruses, remind me of early Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All and Madball, but they never reach the originality, the charm and the sheer intensity of the originators. Yes, there's a lot of anger on Dear Furious, but the focus is so strong and narrow on that emotion that the song writing is suffering from it. You get a totally angry vocalist spitting his frustration in expletives that I don't want to repeat on this family-friendly website, and while you listen to the well played but not so well composed songs, you wonder who might want to puchase this album in times where even their own record label releases so many more interesting and original bands. A18 are not a bad band, but within the competition that the flood of new bands has brought these last couple of years, not bad isn't just good enough anymore.

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