ABADDEN - Sentenced To Death

Abadden - Sentenced To Death

8 songs
44:04 minutes
***** ***


Abadden is a young thrash metal band from England that was founded in 2007. The bizarre band name is a nod to the legendary Venom drummer, although Abadden play less bumpy than the original Abaddon. After a self-released EP, Sentenced To Death is the quartet’s first official longplayer, with the music sounding just as merciless as the album title.

The young Brits play timeless and quite brutal thrash metal that contains influences from the pioneering days of the genre as well as modern elements. The goal seems to be playing with relentless speed and heaviness, without foregoing the necessary pace changes, which works especially well on The Hand That Feeds. Thanks to killer riffs, fat lead guitars, a steady rhythm section and aggressive vocals, this works throughout the album, even though a little more melody would have been welcome. My favourite tracks are the somewhat nervous Violent Assault and their single Atomic Devastation, whose great riffs and choirs remind me strongly of Death Angel.

Those who like bands like Kreator, Slayer, Destruction and also more contemporary artists like Sword Amongst and Legion Of The Damned should also have no problems with Abadden, even if they can’t yet reach that same high quality level. It’s been a wise decision to leave the album at three quarters of an hour, because anything after would have risked becoming repetitive. Considering the tender age of the musicians involved, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on them and see how they will evolve.

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