ABANDONED - Thrash You!

Abandoned - Thrash You!

14 songs
48:13 minutes
***** ***
Dockyard 1


A lot of German thrash metal bands have recently made incredible comebacks. The latest releases by Destruction, Kreator and Sodom are sounding as fresh as more than two decades ago. But there are also younger German metal bands playing a tribute to the golden era of thrash metal. Abandoned from Darmstadt have released their second CD Thrash You! which shows as well as their debut Thrash Notes what thrash metal is all about.

Thrash You! is a pure old school metal album, but it is not only inspired by the German thrash scene from the Eighties. The album also has a strong Bay Area touch and parallels to early Metallica and Flotsam & Jetsam are unavoidable. The opener Visions Of Death is a timeless piece of thrash metal and shows how a metal song has to be constructed. Strong riffs, fine melodies and cool choirs underline Abandoned’s potential. The album contains many more songs where harmonic lines are teaming up with more aggressive parts in a well balanced way. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough diversity on the album. Die In Dignity contains more complex and progressive structures and wouldn’t have been too misplaced on Toxik’s World Circus classic. This Is The End is one of the album’s strongest track and surprises with a high number of breaks. Feel The Fire is no OverKill cover version, but possibly a tribute to those speed metal heroes from New York. And the sad guitar on Repentance reminds of Testament’s Musical Death.

Abandoned have of course not the same flair as the aforementioned legends, and although their music isn’t innovative at all, it is always a pleasure to listen to such a cool piece of old school thrash metal, free from any current trends and commercial aspects. Nostalgic metal fans will have a lot of fun with Thrash You!.

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