Abstract Rapture - Dead End Entry

5 songs
25:02 minutes
***** ****


Abstract Rapture from Luxembourg started in 2001 playing a lot of concerts. Two years later, a first demo CD was released and Abstract Rapture continued playing shows while becoming one of the busiest bands from Luxembourg. Up to this day I never saw them live and therefore I was not familiar with their music.

This will change with their new release Dead End Entry which in my opinion is the best Luxembourgish metal release since Ophidian's last album. Although the musicians are still quite young, their musical roots lie 15 to 20 years in the past when I had the age the musicians have now.

The opener Dematerialized is a good old thrash metal song in the vein of Metallica with an excellent bass line. The track is quite aggressive without losing its sense for melody. The title track is calmer and sounding like a Megadeth ballad powered up with a strong nu metal touch. The album's straightest track is the Pantera-inspired Latex Revolution. Spiral Eternal is my favourite track on the record as it surprises with astonishingly complex structures. Abstract Rapture have already reached a high level of maturity as they are able to write such complex songs. The EP ends with Soullevels, a cool track with lots of variation of straight and weird passages and a mad guitar solo. The singer sounds close to James Hatfield and Phil Anselmo, but he does a very good job of it.

Abstract Rapture have made the right decision by recording the album at the Tidal Wave studios in Karlsruhe, Germany. I can't think of many other local bands with a better sound on CD. As the material not only takes advantage of a great sound, but also convinces with neat song writing, Dead End Entry is a must-have for every quality conscious thrash metal fan.

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