ADAM WEST - ESP: Extra Sexual Perception

Adam West - ESP: Extra Sexual Perception

13 songs
41:26 minutes
***** **
People Like You


The real life Adam West was the original Batman actor and is nowadays lending his voice to the same named mayor of Family Guy’s city Quahog. It is also the name of a dirty rock’n’roll band from Washington DC. Active since the early Nineties, they have released already numerous vinyl EPs. ESP: Extra Sexual Perception is already their tenth CD, coming with an erotically charged retro cover.

Just like the pin-up girl on the cover, the music has its roots in the Sixties, although its heaviness allows for influences of more timely and timeless sounds. Adam West play a tough mixture of hard rock, garage punk and stoner, highlighted by the rough vocals from Jake Starr who comes across as an angry Glenn Danzig. Their songs are played at quite a fast pace, like a more extreme Danko Jones or Volbeat, without reaching their level yet. The different tracks follow each other seamlessly, and no matter if they are garage one moment and stoner the next, they always happen to please. You could only lament that they have been doing the same thing for years now, although you have to admit that they do it consequently. Witty song titles like On Her Satanic Majesty’s Secret Service or Hot Fudge Saturday And Sunday prove that they certainly don’t lack a sense of humour.

Those who like MC5, Misfits, AC/DC, early Kiss and the Stooges should be in good company here. The music has definite party potential and must taste better after every beer. Their fans might feel sad as this is the farewell CD by Adam West who will quit at the end of 2008.

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