AD INFERNA - L'Empire des Sens

Ad Inferna - L'Empire des Sens

11 songs
56:27 minutes
***** ****


Ad Inferna is a French black metal band formed in 1996 under the name De Profundis. After the release of two demo tapes and one CD (2000), they had to change the name because there were already several bands sharing the same name. I can't compare Ad Inferna's second album L'Empire des Sens to what they have done before, but the actual songs are at a very high level. Seldom before have I heard such great epic symphonic black metal. The songs are well arranged, often sounding even orchestrated with classical influences. Tons of guitars, keyboards and blasting drums make all songs really bombastic, without being too brutal or losing a sense for melodies. These may be typical black metal trademarks, but a difference between Ad Inferna and other black metal bands are surely the vocals which are not too high. Quite unusual is that the lyrics are in three languages: English, French and German. Ad Inferna really don't have to hide behind black metal giants like Ancient or Dimmu Borgir.

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