Adorned Brood - Asgard

11 songs
49:35 minutes
***** ***
Black Bards


Adorned Brood are among the pioneers of the German folk and pagan metal movement. Since 1996, they have released seven albums. Their third one from 2000 is now being re-released. This makes sense considering that their label has already given the same treatment to their first two albums Hitia (1997) and Wigand (1999).

Apparently Asgard has so far been Asgard’s most successful record, and quality-wise there is also no need for complaint. The album has an ideal length, and the band manages easily to entertain their audience throughout its fifty minutes. The band is more or less using the same modus operandi all over, which means in their case combining epic black metal full of screeching vocals with melodic parts accompanied by flutes and clear angelic voices. Despite the structural repetition, the arrangements come with enough variety to make the material worthwhile. Especially the numerous pace changes and the harmonic flow of the songs are the band’s major strengths. Coming with not a single weak track, the album’s standout piece is the playful The Ambush.

Usually re-releases come with a certain amount of bonus material, and that’s also the case here. The CD contains live recordings of Adorned Brood and Storm which both had been taped at the Celtic Rock festival. They don’t make a bad figure, making me wonder if they have considered already to release a live DVD.

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