Adorned Brood - Noor

10 songs
45:00 minutes
***** ***
Black Bards


German pagan metal band Adorned Brood celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in 2008, which was reason enough for them to release their sixth album Noor. The four men and one woman play folk metal, but in a considerably rawer form than for instance In Extremo or Subway To Sally.

After a short and essentially unnecessary pseudo-symphonic intro, the first regular track Storm offers solid metal where thrash riffs meet flutes. The guitars and vocals remind of early Rage and the chorus is backed by female vocals. Adorned Brood are not afraid to allow countless breaks into their music, in a way to prevent boredom. The lyrics deal with Viking and mythology topics, but the dominant flute gives the CD a certain medieval touch. The varied Am Grunde des Meers even surprises with Russian folklore.

Folk metal may be to tame for some metal fans, but Adorned Brood take care to stay on the heavy side of music. Sons Of The Damned contains truly aggressive parts, and the title track comes with metalcore riffs that flow harmonically into true metal sounds. Strong choirs, as on Trollmelody, can also be made out on the album. Towards the end, we are spoiled with the many-layered Under Yggdrasil and the fun traditional Drunken Sailor.

The only weak point is the production that could have used more punch. The band doesn’t lack technical skills nor creativity, making their music attractive for fans of bands like Black Messiah, Ensiferum and Finntroll. Adorned Brood don’t come up with anything new, but Noor makes still for a pleasant listening experience.

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