A FOREST - Leaves Leaves Fall Fall Rain Fall

A Forest - Leaves Leaves Fall Fall Rain Fall

10 songs
43:45 minutes
***** ***


Naming their band after a thirty year old song by The Cure, A Forest didn’t seem to be the band I would take a liking to. Fortunately their music which the three-piece from Leipzig and Berlin describes as chamber pop and loop jazz doesn’t really have much in common with the British wave pioneers. The ten songs on A Forest’s debut album Leaves Leaves Fall Fall Rain Fall are anything but easy listening, and it takes a lot of time and attention to unlock the secrets of their sonic universe. But once you have found a way inside, there is no turning back anymore.

Already the opener Stereotype unveils a panoply of sounds, from sampled orchestration, mellotron to backwards played synthesizers and clicking beats, strangely united in a very unpreposterous whole led by the male and female vocalists of the band. From here on, A Forest prove that they are certainly not trying to sound like anybody else, instead weaving their own musical vision that combines the heady indietronica of The Notwist with the gloomy premonition of Portishead. Another highlight is the eight minute long My Kite where A Forest prove that they know no stylistic boundaries.

In a time where many people unfortunately don’t have the time to really get acquainted with a new artist, A Forest may run the risk of being shamefully overlooked. But those that eventually decide to invest their time and energy will be rewarded by this magical debut album of this young and very promising band.

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