AFURNISHEDSOUL - Soundtrack For A Sleepless Night

afurnishedsoul - Soundtrack For A Sleepless Night

12 songs
42:57 minutes
***** ***
Grand Duchy Grooves


afurnishedsoul is basically Jeff Hemmer’s project which he started in the early millennium when Carefree broke up just at the moment when they started to become really interesting. After a demo-CD in 2003 and three downloadable albums with demo material in 2005, we had been waiting for nearly two years for the promised regular CD-EP which now finally has arrived.

Such a long time of creation makes for big expectations, and after the hordes of demo songs, it comes maybe as a little disappointment that the EP only features six songs from the Collapse Of The Ivory Towers CD, although re-recorded with many interesting guest musicians that have made their impact already in the most diverse scenes in Luxembourg.

Soundtrack For A Sleepless Night was recorded by Ben Claus, former Carefree bandmate of Jeff, and now active as a keyboarder in Kunn & The Magic Muffins and Surf Me Up Scotty. Drums have been provided by Arno from Tvesla. Emre Sevindik contributed some programmed beats, and guest vocals can be heard by Torpid’s Gilly and former DeadBoyDreaming shouter Raph who really sets some accents with his growls on the EP’s eight minute magnum opus Collapse Of The Ivory Towers. War Among Us sees afurnishedsoul from a more rocking side. Temps des cerises and Hope’s An Open Window are two nice mellow tracks. The poppy Cultural Exchange Program is another highlight.

Even though three of the tracks are more on the accessible side, nothing really has changed with afurnishedsoul’s concept. This is neither alt rock nor indie pop, but introspective compositions that are rendered more complex and complete by the musicians who couldn’t come from more different backgrounds.

The six regular tracks amount to slightly more than twenty minutes, then one minute of silence prepares for five bonus tracks which are original demo versions and remixes of the preceding songs.

To be sincere: making people wait for such a long time, Jeff could as well have come up with some new songs (everything has been released already before), and also more material. But that doesn’t change the fact that Soundtrack For A Sleepless Night is his most mature effort, with interesting guest appearances, making this the ideal point to start listening to his extensive catalogue.

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