AGE OF NEMESIS - Psychogeist

Age Of Nemesis - Psychogeist

11 songs
60:20 minutes
***** *
Magna Carta / Mascot


Hungary isn't a big country in the map of rock'n'roll, yet it is known that bands from Eastern Europe very often have very high musical skills. This also fits for Age Of Nemesis, who released already a couple of albums in their native tongue back home. Psychogeist is their second album in English language, and therefore probably more interesting for the international community. I always like bands singing in languages I don't understand, because it gives the music an exotic flavour, and probably that's also why the English singing AON could pass as an English or American prog metal band at any hour of the day.

The album starts with the six song cycle Psychogeist, a story about medical experiments on a child. Could be taken from an X-Files episode, but that's as far as it goes. It is clear from the first chords that Queensr˙che (and especially their milestone Operation: Mindcrime) have been a huge influence on that part of the album, and even though AON play decent melodic prog metal throughout the composition, it never achieves the same dramatic depth. Also it seems as if the Psychogeist tracks (responsible for more than half of the album) were already released seven years ago in Hungary, according to the band website. The remainder of the album consists of three longish songs (between six and eight minutes) sandwiched between two instrumentals, where the former convinces with fast and crazy neo-classical musicianship, but the latter is mellower and really not that interesting. It's revealing that the three non-concept tracks work better, feeling under no constraint to fulfil a part of a story.

Psychogeist is by no means a bad album, but we could have got something more original and exotic. Fans of classic prog metal (Queensr˙che, Fates Warning, Dream Theater) will relish at having an album from a lesser known metal country in their collection, but it is by no means a must-have record.

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