AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victims In Pain & United Blood

Agnostic Front - Victims In Pain & United Blood

21 songs
21:50 minutes
***** *****
Bridge Nine


Agnostic Front, the legendary hardcore band fronted by Roger Miret, can celebrate a double anniversary in 2010. First of all the band was founded in 1980, and second their cult EP Victim In Pain, originally a 12” vinyl record, came out a quarter century ago. These are the reasons their label decided to re-release this classic work of hardcore, and added as a bonus United In Blood, originally a 7” vinyl record from 1983. Roger Miret on vocals and Vinnie Stigma on guitar are the only remaining members that are still a part of the band today.

Some albums pass the test of time, and some do not. Agnostic Front can definitely be proud of their early deeds, because these old songs still sound incredibly cool after all these years. Compared to their newer works, Agnostic Front were much rawer but also less brutal back then. The music was more influenced by punk rock, and even if things sound at times a little bumpy, this cannot be seen as a problem, but rather adds to the nostalgic value. Both records are so old that even I was too young to notice them when they came out, but I still love these very short pieces full of insane riffs and a huge amount of anger. The eleven tracks from Victim In Pain are followed by those from the United Blood EP. The transition is evident. The older material comes with a more basic production, the songs are even shorter and dirtier, making it obvious that they are from a different time.

As both records are hard to get nowadays, this re-release makes a lot of sense. It’s been over two years since Agnostic Front’s last studio album, therefore this CD is ideal to bridge the waiting until their next sign of life.

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