AGRARIANS - All Patrol The Alchemist / The Glamour Of The Boys

Agrarians - All Patrol The Alchemist / The Glamour Of The Boys

22 songs
67:28 minutes
***** ***


The Agrarians are a truly busy band. All Patrol The Alchemist / The Glamour Of The Boys is already their third release within a year, and with more than one hour of music, this is hardly a short affair to listen through.

The first part consists of All Patrol The Alchemist, a collection of twelve bizarre love songs, and the second part, The Glamour Of The Boys, deal with the imperial ambitions of the USA and are on one song even liberally inspired by Noam Chomsky. Apart from the very different themes, the musical universe is still more or less the same as on their previous album Then Cherish Pity, Lest You Drive An Angel From Your Door. Acoustic guitar and wailing vocals deliver dark country folk songs in a lo-fi production that perfectly matches the atmosphere and mood of the material. At times, electric guitar, keyboards and simple percussion add necessary touches that make this more than just a sinister outsider album.

If you like dark acoustic music with a very personal factor, then The Agrarians are by all means what you have been looking for. The album may again be a bit too long for my taste, but the price policies of their label, selling this item for only 5$ (cheaper than even most CD-EPs), should encourage curious people to invest into this enchanting album. In my opinion even slightly better and more haunting than their predecessor.

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