AIDEN - Our Gang's Dark Oath

Aiden - Our Gang's Dark Oath

11 songs
44:59 minutes
***** *


In autumn 2005, DisAgreement reviewed Aiden's second album Nightmare Anthology. Without being revolutionary, their horror rock that's how they call their combination of screamo and melodies with dark lyrics wasn't the worst promo I had to review so far. When I received a few days ago a new CD by Aiden, I thought that they were probably Victory Record's fastest working band. But the info informed me that Our Gang's Dark Oath is their debut which was first released in early 2004. As Nightmare Anthology sold over 60.000 copies worldwide, the label decided to re-release the debut (only 2.000 copies sold so far).

If you liked the second album, I can't guarantee that it will be the same for the debut. The album contains some grim and angry songs like I Set My Friends On Fire and Cold December, but there's also a much more melodic side to Aiden. My favourite tracks of that direction are the super melodic Fifteen, the NoFX-like Kid Becomes The Dream and World By Storm. Surprisingly the better tracks have been put towards the end of the record. In the beginning, you find more classic hardcore stuff where fast melodies are meeting upset screams. First of all, this isn't too original and secondly the production could be more polished.

The new version of Our Gang's Dark Oath has new cover artwork and three enhanced video tracks. But I definitely prefer the more commercially orientated Nightmare Anatomy to this debut which fronts a too rough production. Maybe die-hard fans will be glad to have now the opportunity to get the rare debut, but I just can repeat that it isn't as interesting as their later effort.

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