ALCHEMIST - Austral Alien

Alchemist - Austral Alien

11 songs
46:27 minutes
***** *****
Relapse / Suburban


In the last years, originality has had a rare role in metal music because too many bands were copying their already successful idols. And now, Australia, a country which doesn't have the best metal reputation (although some of the best rock'n'roll music with bands like AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and The Sainst; ed.), presents one of the most unusual bands in metal. Austral Alien is already the fifth album by Alchemist, but I had never heard anything else from them in the past. Although it's sounding unbelievable, Alchemist are combining on their record such different styles as psychedelic, thrash metal, gothic, wave and EBM. Although the opener First Contact is a real brutal straight-in-your-face smasher, the CD is containing more relaxed songs sounding more like contemporary Tiamat. You will find lots of beautiful melodic parts on the record, but it is never entirely giving up its dark and sad atmosphere. Another very positive aspect on Austral Alien are the variable vocals; hardcore emo cries, metal growls or atmospheric voices are part of the vocalist's repertoire. Alchemist may be classified as a cyber metal band, but I can't compare them to anyone else. Everyone's who's tired of traditional stuff will adore Alchemist.

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