ALESTORM - Black Sails At Midnight

Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight

10 songs
44:11 minutes
***** **


Black Sails At Midnight is the second album by Scottish pirate metal band Alestorm. This gimmick us not that original, considering that Running Wild were there already twenty years earlier. As it has become rather quiet about Rock’n’Rolf and his mates, you have to resort to Alestorm. Last year’s debut showed some promising aspects that unfortunately not always sparked off. I was therefore eager to know if they worked better the second time around.

They have maintained the apparently successful course, and still combine melodic power metal with plenty of keyboards (sometimes even too much for my taste) and some folk melodies. They haven’t become original over night, but the music is more varied as on the predecessor. The songs are quite catchy and have a high entertainment factor. Some tracks, like Keelhauled and Wolves Of The Sea, are even true hits and remind of a metalized Dschingis Khan. The quieter To The End Of Our Days takes some getting used to, with vocals reminding of a drunk James Hetfield. The more classic metal material, like the rousing opener The Quest and the strong Chronicles Of Vengeance, work already much better.

Power metal fans should definitely check out Alestorm. The band still has to work on an own identity, but there is definite joy of playing present, which should be an important prerequisite for the future. Even the voice-overs on my promotional copy are more original than usually, with somebody sounding like the pirate from SpongeBob SquarePants reminding that “piracy is a crime”!

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