ALESTORM - Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Alestorm - Captain Morgan’s Revenge

10 songs
41:42 minutes
***** *


Newcomer band Alestorm claims to play Scottish pirate metal on their debut, but I doubt that this is something really new since the foundation of Running Wild back in 1978 who had a very similar image. There seems to be an overall lack of own ideas as the pirate on the cover looks a lot like Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t get any new musical elements Captain Morgan’s Revenge. Alestorm play classically timeless heavy metal, and they do it not even badly. A few decent power and thrash metal moments even make for some welcome variety. Unfortunately the album also has its weak moments. I won’t complain about the rather inconspicuous vocals, but the too upfront keyboards that try unsuccessfully to emulate accordion and sometimes strings. Using real instruments would have definitely benefited the album’s atmosphere. It’s a shame that their good ideas are thus destroyed by poor execution.

Seven tracks on the CD are classic metal songs, played at quite a fast pace without being too aggressive though. The three other pieces diverge from the general concept. Nancy The Tavern Wench is a mellow drinking song that doesn’t reach the quality level of the Tossers, for instance. Of Treasure crossovers between Celtic folklore and traditional shanties. The concluding Flower Of Scotland is their take on the unofficial Scottish national anthem which was written by the folk band The Corries in 1967.

Alestorm managed to release an ok debut that never totally convinces though. Let’s hope that they learn from their mistakes and will be able to come forth with a genuine folk metal bomb like we are used to hear from established acts like Tyr, Skyclad, Cruachan or Primordial.

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