All Against The World - The Furthermost

11 songs
31:07 minutes
***** ***
Chorus Of One


Portuguese melodic hardcore band All Against The World was founded in 2002 by a bunch of fifteen year old teenagers. They quickly released a demo containing three songs that made them local heroes in their hometown Porto. The following five song demo increased their popularity throughout Portugal. Tour activities and line-up changes prevented further studio sessions, so that their debut longplayer The Furthermost had to wait until 2008, and is now re-released by Italian record label Chorus Of One.

The opener which has been titled after the band name (or vice versa) offers timeless melodic hardcore that instantly appeals. The following All In The Past complements its catchy parts with some anger outbursts, where especially the furiously fast riffs are impressive. Towards the middle of the record, the punk components are getting stronger which also works exceptionally well. The street smart One Second Ago even has the potential to become a classic and is succeeded by the wonderfully melodic Never Tell with the enchanting voice of a female guest vocalist. The more basic hardcore track Fears Won’t Bring A Change will definitely tear you out of your dreams.

The Furthermost has become a professional and sincere album, built on a solid base and full of variety. All Against The World should be taken seriously and will appeal to the punk and hardcore factions alike. Even though they hardly present anything unheard before, they do it quite entertainingly.

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