ALLELLA BOYZ - Allella Time

Allella Boyz - Allella Time

12 songs
30:02 minutes
***** ***
Winged Skull / 6-Mic


Uranami were the first hip hop band from Luxembourg that managed to attract a more typical rock audience, due to the fact that they combined the vocal style of their genre with real instruments played by people who are really excellent at their jobs. A.L.S. is a rap collective I had the opportunity to see but once, and honestly, I can’t get into the mood of live rap shows: too many samples, too much rapping, not enough what I expect of live music.

It was therefore quite suspenseful to burrow into the debut album of Allella Boyz, a collaboration between Uranami guitarist Cico and A.L.S. member Godie. As you can expect, they combine their respective genres of hip hop and rap, but that by itself would not be special yet. Instead they add so many more ingredients that Allella Time becomes a half hour testimony of two seriously deranged artists who must be suffering from all kinds of delusional schizophrenia. The opener which serves as an intro is rather enervating, because it sounds like my CD is skipping all the time, from there on, no song is the same, and in three minute takes, they display every way how you can crossover whatever just comes into your mind. While Speed Allella is still a rather normal song, Split Allella has a much more laid back approach and shows for the first time the true potential of this band. If you thought this was already great, you will be in for a couple more highlights. Super Allella is for instance the silliest hip hop / rap song you will ever have come across, with its fake kung fu feeling giving it a true cartoon atmosphere. Serious Allella has the Allella Boyz joined by local rap heroes De Läb and is a marvellous linguistic rollercoaster ride. My absolute favourite is Stupid Allella, which – were there any justice in the world – would become this year’s international summer hit. You can’t sound sunnier than this.

Allella Time is a half hour EP and gives a perfect glimpse into the crazy universe of the Allella Boyz. You don’t need to especially like hip hop or rap to recognise the genius of this work. With four tracks that stand out, Allella Time is an impressive statement of music that combines humour with seriousness (isn’t this what satire is about?), and shows that styles that are normally associated with machismo can in the end be just the opposite.

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