ALL FOR NOTHING - Miles & Memories

All For Nothing - Miles & Memories

12 songs
25:23 minutes
***** ***


Last year we were rather amazed by the fierce energy that Dutch old school hardcore band unleashed on their EP Solitary. Now they are back with their second longplayer Miles & Memories, and it would be pointless to except any bigger changes from them. The twelve songs never cross the three minute border and altogether don’t even run for half an hour. The quintet still plays fast old school hardcore with a definite punk edge. Vocalist Cindy is still screaming from the deepest parts of her guts, giving the music the certain something most male fronted hardcore bands are often looking hard for.

They managed even to hire the services of Comeback Kid vocalist Andrew Neufeld on Overhaul, but honestly All For Nothing don’t need well known guest performances to make their songs interesting. Unspoiled by current metalcore influences, the band opts instead for an unpolished hardcore sound. The guitars add melodies to prevent the listening experience from becoming too monotonous, and Cindy, despite her continuous ranting, has enough vocal range that gives her voice the necessary variety which discerns singing from actual nonstop screaming. Gang shouts find their way into the choruses to make for an authentic retro flair.

That shouldn’t mean that All For Nothing are pure imitators. Miles & Memories sounds sincere enough, and the short running time of twenty-five minutes is sufficient to relay their message. Like I said, not much has changed stylistically, but why should you alter something which worked in the first place? If you are tired of your typical macho old school hardcore, try All For Nothing whose female fronted take on the genre feels still fresh after all these years.

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