All For Nothing - Solitary

5 songs
10:22 minutes
***** **


All For Nothing from the Netherlands made their first impact with Can’t Kill What’s Inside and are now back with a second release, the short EP Solitary. They continue consequently the path chosen on the debut and offer a short but intensive journey into the past of hardcore.

On the one hand, you’ll meet classical hardcore ingredients like relatively catchy guitar riffs, angry mosh parts and typical gang shouts providing the backing vocals. On the other hand though, the band has a female singer called Cindy who doesn’t need to hide behind her male counterparts. Don’t expect anything melodic now, because she has a raw and slightly battered voice that could fool you to come from a man. Her performance is full of energy, something she probably unfolds even better on stage.

Their rating is only lowered by their lack of originality. All For Nothing are too closely inspired by the likes of Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds,… Solitary is good entertainment, but hardcore fans might still prefer the originals.

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