ALL OUT WAR - Assassins In The House Of God

All Out War - Assassins In The House Of God

11 songs
38:09 minutes
***** ***


In my opinion metalcore is neither metal nor hardcore, but a musical trend which becomes more and more annoying. And that’s why I come to love bands like All Out War who started back in 1991 when metal was still metal, and hardcore still hardcore, and whose new album Assassins In The House Of God may not be among the more original releases of the year, but their combination of old school hardcore and Eighties thrash metal is refreshing, to say the least.

When the second song, Behind The Crescent And The Cross, sounds like a shameless copy of Slayer’s Raining Blood (a comparison I already did on their last album), even little informed metal fans will know what this band has been listening to in their youth. More metal than hardcore, All Out War change from fast thrash attacks to groovy mid-tempo parts, allowing for sufficient mosh time.

Angry roared vocals add the necessary brutality, and when Assassins In The House Of God ends, All Out War may not win a prize for originality, but they certainly prove once and for all that they are much heavier than their stylish metalcore competitors on their own and on different labels. Eight points for an album that works best if you listen to it very loudly!

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