ALL OUT WAR - Condemned To Suffer

All Out War - Condemned To Suffer

12 songs
38:36 minutes
***** **


Whenever I start out to write a review, the first thing I do is check out the website of the band. I was rather taken aback when I noticed that the most information you can get about All Out War is on their label's homepage. In times where even the most retarded rehearsal band has already a semi-professional presence on the Internet, I can only explain AOW's lack by their absolute old school attitude. Nowadays Victory Records may stand mostly for emo punk (melodic and hard stuff alike), but AOW stick firmly to the sound with which their label originated more than ten years ago. If you are expecting straight old school hardcore now, you might be disappointed, because AOW don't make things that easy for you. The opener Straight Towards Extinction shows clearly that they have a strong love affair with Eighties thrash metal, notably Slayer's Reign In Blood period. Combining their metal affinities with their old school hardcore roots (think Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All), they are certain to be one of the most aggressive hardcore powerhouses these days. I like them best when they are metal, like on the steaming Vengeance For The Angels, as their groovier hardcore songs have a somewhat generic taste to them. AOW have been rocking the world for more than a decade now, and you hear that they are no newcomers. Condemned To Suffer is a brutal album which can be recommended to old school fanatics, but more variation would have rendered it more interesting.

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