ALMAH - Motion

Almah - Motion

10 songs
44:30 minutes
***** ***


Almah began in 2006 as the solo project of Edu Falaschi who is better known as the vocalist of the better known Angra. In the meantime Almah has grown to become a quintet and has now released its third studio album Motion. Unlike Angra, this band is less progressive, concentrating their energies instead more on melodic power metal.

The album starts unusually aggressive with the crunchy Hypnotized which reminds me strongly of classic metal acts like Metal Church and Vicious Rumors. The following material turns down the pace and heads into a more melodic direction. There are, not surprisingly, parallels to Angra, as on the playful Days Of The New. The catchy Bullets On The Altar is also an instant pleaser and could work as a single cut. I have to concede that Almah added a lot of variety into their music, and next to the faster and the more melodic tracks (which are featured in a nice balance), there are also some pathos filled songs (Soul Alight) which also works quite alright. The ballad Late Night In ’85 isn’t exactly my top choice, but once again proof for the band’s wide array of influences.

The biggest strength of Almah, next to the richness of ideas, is of course Edu Falaschi’s vocal performance that masters every register and doesn’t even sound awkward on the very high notes. I dare to compare his voice to Queensr˙che’s Geoff Tate.

Maybe the album could be harder occasionally, but this is purely a matter of taste. Almah definitely are one of the more interesting bands in the power metal genre. Their first two albums were definitely not bad, but they made a huge step forward with Motion. A little more heaviness would still be welcome, but either way Almah are now one of the flagships of the Brazilian metal scene.

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