A Love Ends Suicide - In The Disaster

11 songs
39:11 minutes
Metal Blade


A Love Ends Suicide from the USA claim to be a progressive metal band, but a first listening tells you that they are nothing else but just another metal core band. Unfortunately this style has in the meantime become so trendy that the huge flood of more and less talentated bands has made me a bit fed up with it. Even if there are still some exceptional bands like Unearth and Misery Signals, most metal core bands are sounding rather the same.

A Love Ends Suicide don't sound too bad and respect the traditional metal core recipe. The speed isn't too extreme, the vocals are classic growls you have heard many times before and the rhythm section is quite dynamic. A bonus for A Love Ends Suicide is however the use of Iron Maiden-like melodic guitar lines and the integration of clean vocals to create a slight emo atmosphere.

But nearly forty minutes are too much as A Love Ends Suicide severely suffer from a lack of variation. After five songs, you cease to pay attention to In The Disaster as you think to have heard everything already before.

A Love Ends Suicide are one of the bands that received their record deal much too early as they have not been ready for an entire album. An EP with a shorter running time would certainly have been more interesting to give a first impression about a band that shows some talent, but still needs to grow up.

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