AMASEFFER - Slaves For Life

Amaseffer - Slaves For Life

10 songs
77:52 minutes


Israeli three-piece Amaseffer enter the international arena with the first part of their planned trilogy Slaves For Life. This debut is subtitled Exodus, dealing with the Israelites leaving Egypt, as it is known from the Old Testament.

Just as unusual as their lyrical concept is the band’s take on music. Amaseffer play quite long songs – three of which even transcending the ten minute border – and end up stylistically somewhere between prog rock, oriental folk and epic metal. The vocal parts have been given over to the Swede Mats Leven (Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion, Swedish Erotica, At Vance). Together they are in charge of the rocking and metal parts. The ethno elements are the responsibility of Kobi Farhi from the already better known Israeli band Orphaned Land. Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy is another popular guest artist.

Despite this renowned constellation, I have my problems with the band’s sound. It’s not easy to get into their convoluted compositions, and the band rarely aims for accessibility. Amaseffer start their tracks with dark atmospheres before they turn into rock songs that often change their moods. The songs all segue into one another, making it hard to discern where one song ends and the next one begins. Their progressive elements are quite moderate, reminding of Porcupine Tree and Symphony X. The main problem turns out to be that it is neither fish nor flesh. Sometimes it feels like a movie soundtrack, then again like an epic rock song, but never truly achieves to combine these separate entities in a homogenous way. It’s nice to listen to as background music, as the soundscapes are endless and rarely end up in engaging songwriting.

I also have an allergy to biblical lyrics, and I become nauseous already at the thought that there will be two more albums in this trilogy.

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