AMBER SMITH - My Little Servant

Amber Smith - My Little Servant

10 songs
47:25 minutes
***** ****
Firestation Tower


Don't let the name fool you - this is not some teenage girl superstar, but rather a group of four guys from Budapest, Hungary. Amber Smith try on their first album My Little Servant to create the perfect indie pop song. Mostly they play midtempo songs, with beautiful melodies, gentle vocals and a handful of synths. If I have to compare them to already established pop acts, Placebo and the Manic Street Preachers come to my mind. When Amber Smith venture into electropop territory, as it is the case for the opener Wake Up or I Was The First, I can hear some parallels to The Notwist. It's very rare that I have the nerves to listen in a very relax way to an entire pop album. Even when they play a ballad (Birthday) or an instrumental (Belfast), the music doesn't contain any boring parts. Hungary surely hasn't the best reputation for indie-pop yet, but I hope that Amber Smith will be ready to get over the borders, and I could imagine that My Little Servant could be absolutely suitable for German or English indie scenes.

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