Among The Living / Dominatör - Split-CD

4 / 5 songs
14:39 / 16:16 minutes
***** ** / ***** *
Crash Landing

Dominatör Bandpage

Crash Landing Records from the Netherlands is a label specialized in grindcore and other brutal music, but they now released a split-CD with two Dutch bands which have nothing in common with that genre.

The first four titles are by Among The Living, a band that doesn't exist anymore. Having been active from 2002 to 2005, they totally recorded 10 songs, supervised by God Dethroned's Henri Sattler. Six tracks were released on an EP, the rest was used for this split. Among The Living play a mix of powerful hardcore and brutal metal riffs, but the music has nothing to do with contemporary metal core acts. It somehow reminds me of a rather clumsy version of the very early Suicidal Tendencies. You may think listening to a young Mike Muir on their four songs. They are not too well played, but somehow nice because of nostalgic reasons. If you liked Suicidal Tendencies, Among The Living will surely do no harm to your ears.

Dominatör, formed in 2001 but still existing, is another band that is stuck in the Eighties. They call their music mosh metal and like to be compared to early Metallica and Slayer. I really can't see any parallels to Metallica, but comparisons with Slayer's Show No Mercy period are understandable. We shouldn't forget that Dominatör are just copying and can't reach what their idols have done over two decades ago. Where Slayer tried to play technically versatile metal riffs, the sound created by Dominatör is rather crude and simple. But as their songs have a running time of less than 20 minutes, this is also bearable.

The split-CD presents two non essential metal bands from Europe. But as the CD is sold for only 8 euros, it is still worth giving it a try.

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