AMORA SAVANT - The Immaculate Misconception

Amora Savant - The Immaculate Misconception

6 songs
23:51 minutes
***** ***


I don't know what it is with Volatile Productions from Wisconsin, but comparing this EP from Amora Savant to the one released by Farewell To Twilight on the same label a couple of months ago, I noticed that both have exactly the same number of songs and running time, nearly to the second. Maybe that's just a practical thing, these nearly 24 minutes, as Amora Savant start with a white noise intro before they offer their five regular songs.

The first idea you get will be of an aggressive metalcore band, but Amora Savant add enough spice to set them well apart from likewise bands. Two singers scream their souls out of their throats, while the rhythm section is pumping a no-holds-barred beat. Best of all are, next to the very powerful production, are the two guitars that play the whole range of extreme music, from your business-as-usual thrash shredding to darker metal influenced parts and even allowing for the occasional harmony parts.

Especially when the vocals fall back into the rare clear moments, I feel reminded of our local hardcore institution dEFDUMp, although there is slightly more metal in Amora Savant's music. With the songs all oscillating between four and five minutes, there is enough room for subtleties, meaning that you need a couple of times before you have discovered all the intricacies in their sound, although they are never as determinedly complicated like Dillinger Escape Plan for instance.

With this short running time, there is not much that can go wrong with such a promising young band, and I am convinced that they would also endure on the more challenging grounds of a full length album. Until then I suggest you check out Amora Savant, download the available tracks at their Purevolume site and then decide if you like to support young bands on small labels rather than the generic hype released by the evil majors.

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