ANPERSAND - Boredom And Identity

Ampersand - Boredom And Identity

10 songs
48:41 minutes
***** ****


Maybe you remember Sans Secours from Austria who released in 1996 one of the best albums of the year (Need). They impressed the DisA crew on stage with an awesome noise orgy. Former Sans Secours vocalist Hannes Jaeckl has joined the new great noise band called Ampersand from Cologne. Another parallel is J. Kell who produced both bands.

Listening to Boredeom And Identity is a very pleasant experience. Songs like Simple Discourse or The Corrections show that the members must have been listening to Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth in the early 90s. My two favourite tracks are Did You Notice? and No Integrity, where distorted noisy guitars are combined with harmonic melodies in a great way. But there's also some more curious stuff on the record: Undecided is absolute lo-fi and sounds as if it were recorded in the 30s (O Brother, Where Art Thou? comes to mind). The Railing has doomy and bluesy elements which made me think of slower Black Sabbath songs. Let's not forget to mention that singer Christopher Schwarz screams and shouts on some tracks which are real rockers (Van Daag, It's Operational). After 9 regular tracks, the album ends with a 10 minutes running instrumental with tribal and electronica elements. Very strange, but a good ending for an even better album.

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