ANACRUSIS - Hindsight

Anacrusis - Hindsight

22 songs
125:00 minutes
***** *****


I was not even in my twenties when I discovered Anacrusis from Missouri, a progressive thrash metal band that may not have been as technically insane as Watchtower, but whose take on the more extreme side of metal felt instantly more thought through and intelligent. Their albums Manic Impressions (1991) and Screams And Whispers (1993) were some of the finest metal to be released in the Nineties, and then it was all over, possibly because their music must have gone over the heads of the majority of not so demanding metal fans.

Before those two milestones, the quartet released two less progressive albums, Suffering Hour (1988) and Reason (1990), both of which have now been re-recorded and released on the double CD album Hindsight. There was also a reunion show, but it seems that the chapter Anacrusis is unfortunately closed for the time being.

The eleven songs on the first disc show the band from their rawest side, and although their thrash metal was even then already in a league of their own, there were many more impressive deeds to follow. The second disc sees the band slowly evolving into a more progressive direction, and is consequently the better of the two. Although it’s been quite some years since I have listened to the source material, it has struck me that the newly recorded versions are all slightly longer than the original, adding three to four minutes to each album. Maybe that’s just old age setting in (the band photographs show us greying and balding musicians), but don’t worry: the songs sound just as fierce as two decades ago when they first came out.

Anacrusis’ regular studio albums have long been out of print, and it’s a testimony to the fan friendliness of the band that you not only can download all their original albums for free on their homepage, but you get even a whole bunch of demos, live material and unreleased tracks. These hours of free music should satisfy even the most avid fan of the Saint Louis prog thrashers. But that shouldn’t prevent you from getting this double album, because if there ever was one metal band that deserved to be supported, it was none other than Anacrusis!

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