ANAL THUNDER - Table For One

Anal Thunder - Table For One

14 songs
32:59 minutes
***** ****


The CD inlay warns people from the start that you shouldn't ask the band to change their name. I don't mind it, but I guess that a lot of people expect some sick grind crust noise attack when they hear the name Anal Thunder, as it is very close to weirdo gods Anal Cunt. And if you don't happen to be from Finland where Anal Thunder have already released a couple of 7"-EPs and mini-CDs, you will be positively surprised when, after the intro Starter, Lifelong Hangover delivers some of the finest street punk rock I have come across in many months, with raspy vocals accompanied by Bad Religion sounding backing vocals. Rarely do the Finns cross the three-minute-line, they are smart enough to concentrate their songs into fast, furious and phenomenal punk smashers. Not unlike our local Rise-Up, Anal Thunder play a good dozen songs (plus intro and outro) in a down and dirty way that yet never lose their infectious sense of melody. Other highlights include the (She's) Too Drunk To Fuck, a duet with a female guest vocalist, and Kill Your Neighbours, a folky sounding track with devilish violin parts. It only becomes somewhere between ironic and clairvoyant when they criticise the shallowness of the Eurovision Song Contest mere months before their country men Lordi took the same contest by storm in an outraging way. Not that a band called Anal Thunder could ever have played there, but who would have thought that masked zombies could?

Table For One ends after a good half hour. It's a short album that condenses a lot of ideas into its small running time, making this a punk rock'n'roll album far superior to all those hyped band with band names starting with the word "The". Those who are into Hellacopters, Gluecifer, etc. will adore Anal Thunder for the brevity and directness of attitude. This album rocks and definitely kicks ass!

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