AN APPLE A DAY - Fall Of Thera

An Apple A Day - Fall Of Thera

6 songs
24:07 minutes
***** ***
(self released)


Two years ago, Luxembourgish death metal band An Apple A Day released their promising debut Fisherman’s Friend. It only contained three tracks, but proved that the five musicians were acting full of ambition, even though there was still a lot of room for progress.

Their second release is called Fall Of Thera, and once again it’s an EP, even though it doubles the length and the number of songs of its predecessor. Fall Of Thera starts with the simply titled intro Prelude, before Dethroned and Mexico show the band from their regular side. This is brutal death metal, kept at a reasonable pace. The instruments are tuned rather low in order to create a dark atmosphere. Especially the chopped guitar riffs help give the songs an ominous undertone. From a musical perspective, there is absolutely no reason to complain. The vocals vary between growls, screams and occasional clean parts. Next is the title track Thera which is dealing with the fall of the equally named island from Greek mythology. The band is acting in a more hectic and chaotic way which works really well for them. Especially the clean vocal part in the song’s middle comes as a true surprise. Ching Ching is another more rhythmic track where fast and slower parts are nicely balanced. The EP concludes angrily with Atmospheric Disruption.

Fall Of Thera is undeniable an improvement for An Apple A Day, although I am convinced that they haven’t reached their zenith yet. Their technical prowess is impressive, but the songwriting could occasionally do with a little more refinement and originality. But the guys are on the right path, and I am sure that the next time they will sound even better.

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