AN APPLE A DAY - Fisherman's Friend

An Apple A Day - Fisherman's Friend

3 songs
12:23 minutes
***** **
Noize Recoreds


Luxembourgish newcomers An Apple A Day left me from the start in a state of confusion. The band name hints at health freaks, while the artwork heavily uses Christian imagery. In the USA this always helps to sell quite nicely, as can be testified by faith based bands like Unearth, As I Lay Dying, The Chariot and the likes, but I wonder if Europeans are overly eager for religiously flavoured music.

More important is of course the music, and An Apple A Day leave a convincing first impression by locating themselves somewhere between death metal and metalcore without actually adding new impulses. Sometimes they even sound as if they have taken inspiration from local metal band Black-Out Beauty although they can’t quite yet reach their high level. Parallels to Neaera are also in order, especially on the EP’s last track Dig Out Your Head.

Without begin truly original, the youngsters pay enough attention to their songs’ structures. Most of the time they keep things fast, sometimes quite melodically, but at other times with calculated chaos. Some well placed breaks cut back on the speed and allow for rare moments of respite. The vocals could be more varied, but the growls fit well into the overall picture. The production is also quite respectable, considering that we are dealing with a low budget release.

All in all, Fisherman’s Friend is not a bad debut at all. Other now established local bands didn’t do so well on their first times (Miles To Perdition, Kitshickers, Eternal Tango,...). An Apple A Day’s live shows have always been a pleasure, and I am certain that the future has a lot of promise for these possibly Christian newcomers.

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