ANCIENT - Night Visit

Ancient - Night Visit

10 songs
49:48 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


It's been already quite some time since Ancient, the band around guitar player and vocalist Aphazel, released their last album. Their new and sixth CD is called Night Visit and though the record doesn't contain any bigger surprises, Ancient have again be able to stay at an already achieved high level. The opener Envision The Beast has furious blasting speed, but contains lots of variations. While listening to the other songs, you can't complain about a lack of variation on the album. One of my favourite songs is the title track because it's the only more epic song. Drummers will adore Lycanthrophy, a song with incredibly high speed rhythm attacks. Not being very symphonic, Ancient however play ultrabrutal songs without losing the right sense for melodies. I just wished that the vocals were less monotone. They reflect all classical trademarks of black metal and still are Ancient's weakest point. After eight regular songs, there are two instrumental bonus tracks which sound quite spooky and experimental. They don't disturb, but they don't contribute to enrich the album as such. I can't say any bad words about the production and I'm sure that die hard black metal fans will put Night Visit into their collection.

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