ANGST VOR CLOWNS - Angst vor Clowns

Angst vor Clowns - Angst vor Clowns

11 songs
30:42 minutes
***** ***


Angst vor Clowns is the brand new band of Gerd Knebel (Badesalz, Flatsch!) and Aren Emirze (Harmful, Emirsian) who are in charge of vocals respectively guitar. The band is completed by a bass player and a drummer whose musical pasts are not as illustrious (Sushimob, Lydie Auvrey). A typical Blunoise production, the CD has been recorded by Guido Lucas (Blubox studio) who created an fantastic indie noise rock sound in a way that only Germans seem to manage these days.

Angst vor Clowns not only have an ingenious band name, but their slightly anachronistic music knows how to overwhelm their audience too. The four artists don’t follow any current trend but play a kind of crossover as it was popular ten to fifteen years ago. They combine masterfully hard rock with hardcore riffs and add a couple of grooves that remind of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction and Primus. Even jazzy ingredients can be tasted on the record. The songs are full of ideas and action, prankish, confusing and gaudy. At times they remind me of the Fast Food Cannibals, one of the most underrated German rock bands of all times.

Angst vor Clowns are best when they play it fast, which happens on nine out of eleven songs. Only the two quieter tracks Eigentlich Klavier and Es tut immer noch weh can’t convince me. Apart from that, you’ll be looking in vain for deficits. Their songs are never too long and always show incredible depth. The short running time would have justified a couple more tracks. The lyrics are quite cryptical, and you wonder if Albert Hoffmann, topic of the last song on the album, has influenced more than only that piece.

You definitely get lots of fun out of Angst vor Clowns. This may be the case because musicians with entirely different backgrounds found a common denominator. The involved artists don’t wear blinders which makes for unadulterated playing attitude. Germany needs more bands on such a high level.

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