ANGUISH - Symmetry

Anguish - Symmetry

9 songs
50:23 minutes
***** ***


Anguish have been around for seven years already, and their debut Lost Days Of Infancy was already released six years ago. I don't know why they needed so long to come back with a second album called Symmetry, but what the German sextet is playing is convincing prog metal at a highest level. Although Anguish have to be described as progressive, they are still a song orientated band and don't tend to lose themselves in technical fiddlings. Although the song writing is very diverse, all songs have clear melodies. You'll find nearly everything from smashers with blasting rhythm sections (New, Symmetry) to slower tunes (Dreaming, Maze Of Emotions). Even acoustic parts can be found on the CD. Another strong fact about the band are the powerful emotional vocals of the not so German sounding singer Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes. In my opinion, this is the best prog CD since the last Fates Warning record two years ago.

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