Animals Killing People - Human Hunting Season

5 songs
17:00 minutes


Vegetarianism is a phenomenon normally found in politically correct sounding, whiny indie rock music, so it comes quite as a surprise to find members of Purulent and Pustulated in a project called Animal Killing People, delivering four grind bombs against animal killers of every trade plus a cover version by British death metal icons Bolt Thrower.

Human Hunting Season is a short pleasure (if you can name it like that), and mildly entertaining at that. AKP take no prisoners, that much is certain, but it remains a big question if this EP will ever obtain cult status. Sure, the cover artwork looks like a beginnerís attempt at drawing a nice gory painting, but seriously: deer, monkeys and unidentifiable rodents dissecting human being looks like an unwanted comic effect.

The production is not that bad actually, but the guttural vocals leave no room for subtleties (as can be found with so many Swedish likewise bands: Nasum, Regurgitate), making the vocalist sound rather like a sputtering Diesel engine. Too bad, because thatís where the EP loses steam and finally settles into averagely good but below common standards quality.

There are certainly better grind crust death CDs available at the moment, but if you really must have it because of the unique cover painting, you could do worse with the music.

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