THE ANSWER - New Horizon

The Answer - New Horizon

10 songs
39:05 minutes
***** ***


I may not have heard of The Answer before, but this band from Northern Ireland has been around already since 2000. The four musicians play classic hard rock which occasionally is open for other influences. Led Zeppelin, Free, Tesla and The Black Crowes are quoted as main influences, especially since there is a certain blues flair apparent... but fortunately not too strong, as one can never blame New Horizon of being not heavy enough. After two EPs and three CDs, New Horizon is the quartet’s fourth longplayer.

The most impressive thing about the Answer is how the band manages in these modern times to sound like an authentic Seventies production. The first comparisons that came to my mind were Led Zeppelin and The Answer’s Scottish neighbours The Almighty. Vocalist Cormac Neeson really does a good job at straining his voice, sounding often quite close to Robert Plant, and sometimes reminding me of Axl Rose, which fits this kind of music quite well too. At times The Answer add a portion of sleaze à la Love/Hate or Slade. Most tracks on the album are crunchy rock songs that immediately stick in your ears and also invite to sing along. But the band also finds time for different moments. Speak Now for instance is a wonderful semi-ballad with a long guitar solo reminiscent of Jimmy Page. Call Yourself A Friend is another quieter track that could have come from King’s X. Highlights are the title track plus Somebody Else and Scream A Louder Love, for those of you who like it a little harder.

Even fifty years since its inception, hard rock can still sound incredibly fresh. Fans of retro rock won’t come past New Horizon. The rather short running time could have allowed for one or two additional tracks, but let’s not complain as the present music certainly doesn’t disappoint and makes the listener hungry for more.

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