ANTERIOR - This Age Of Silence

Anterior - This Age Of Silence

11 songs
51:11 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Anterior are an American newcomer band trying to play a mixture of modern thrash metal (or do you call it nu metal?) with some metal core elements. The idea isn’t new, but they pull it off rather well. Trivium fans should therefore get some pleasure from this promising debut.

The album starts with a calm quiet, but the first real track The Silent Divide is quite a fast metal song which is not too aggressive thanks to Iron Maiden like virtuous guitar runs. Dead Divine presents the band from a cruder and more extreme side, but there’s again a little room for guitar harmonies. The clash of brutality and mid-tempo parts is repeated on several songs although it is not getting too repetitive and annoying. Their only weaker point are the vocals from Luke Davies that would take advantage from more diversity. He does his best job on Seraph, combining classic metal shouts with some excellent screamo parts.

After three quarters of an hour, you’ve had your lesson of thrash metal. This Age Of Silence is a fine example for a study in thrash as it reflects a bit what has been done in this genre in the last two decades. But it’s far away from being a masterpiece due to its unoriginality. I know that it is hard nowadays to bring fresh elements into the metal world, so I consider this debut as a solid piece of metal which is nearly free from any currents trends.

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