Antimatter - Saviour

10 songs
47:56 minutes
***** ***
Prophecy Productions


Antimatter is the new band of Duncan Patterson, former bass player and songwriter of Anathema. Although the new songs still have the emotional melancholic mood, a certain ambient feeling got added to them, compared to Anathema. And let's not forget to mention that Antimatter have nothing to do with metal. On the debut Saviour, cineastic electronica gets combined with beautiful, mostly female voices. The singer Michelle Richfield has a heavenly or maybe dreamy voice which is sounding totally atmospheric. The Last Laugh, a song which is definitely sounding sadder than its title is the only track with male vocals. But Hayley Windsor doesn't do his job any worse than his female partner. The vocals get accompanied by mostly acoustic guitars, samples and keyboards. Although the whole CD is sounding quite relaxing and calm, it can't hide its dark, sinister atmosphere. The only song that's not up to my taste is God Is Coming, a breakbeat track. The other fact that disturbs me is the religious approach with songs like Saviour, Psalms or Angelic. Fans of Portishead or Massive Attack should check out this debut.

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