ANVIL - Still Going Strong

Anvil - Still Going Strong

10 songs
42:31 minutes
***** ****


It is unnecessary to say that the Canadians Anvil belong to the kings of the metal scene. They have released 12 albums in 23 years and have written with Metal On Metal one of the most important metal hymns. If you compare the new CD to its predecessor Plenty Of Power, there has been a considerable change. The famous speed metal attacks of former times are turning a little more in the background and get replaced with more melodic orientated mid-tempo songs. But this shouldn't mean that Anvil have become wimps. Not at all, what they play still belongs to the best in power metal and the old men should not be afraid of any challenge by younger metal bands. The opening song Race Against Time for instance is a fast and dynamic metal song which may become a classic. Variation is an important part of this CD: The title song is a real rock'n'roll smasher, Don't Ask Me shows strong parallels to the Eighties Ozzy Osbourne. Another great metal hymn is Sativa, a praise about marijuana. The only boring track is White Rhino which contains a too long and boring drum solo. But apart from this little error, Still Going Strong is still a strong metal album.

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