A PERFECT MURDER - Strength Through Vengeance

A Perfect Murder - Strength Through Vengeance

11 songs
42:59 minutes
***** ***


Since their last CD Unbroken, there have been several line-up changes in the camp of A Perfect Member. Three of the five musicians had to be replaced, which had of course some influences on the band's style that has become closer to metal. Their brutal hardcore sound from the past has been replaced by a groovy thrash metal sound with still obvious hardcore feeling. The dominance of the guitars is surprising quite a lot and even the solos don't disturb at all. Wake Up And Die and Snake Eyes are two well arranged brutal metal songs. Another surprise are songs with a strong touch of southern rock or sludge metal combined with more brutal riffs (Rotten, Suffocation Of Thought). But these changes aren't of course so strong that A Perfect Murder will lose old fans because of the new album. Maybe some folks will be disturbed by the huge amount of solos, but the general extreme and angry sound and the still very hardcore like vocals shouldn't prevent the old fans from listening to A Perfect Murder. Even tolerant thrash metal fans may find Strength Through Vengeance also very interesting. The album takes advantage from a very fat production, but a bit more variation wouldn't have harmed either.

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