A Perfect Murder - Unbroken

14 songs
36:35 minutes
***** **


Life must be really a pain, according to the lyrics sheet of A Perfect Murder. Anger, frustration, despair, you'll find it all on Unbroken, and the music hence is a fitting combination of old school hardcore and no-holds-barred thrash metal. You can't expect too much originality here, but a tight production and a necessary if minimal amount of melody make this album a more than bearable experience. While recurring choruses are rather hard to detect (as on Possessed which is a really cool song), the rather virtuoso guitar work set Unbroken apart from similar releases. Karl Buechner of Earth Crisis fame is also providing some guest vocals, so you should know the target group of this release. In times where the border between hardcore and metal is fuzzy at best, A Perfect Murder should have no difficulty finding an audience with this solid although hardly innovative album.

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