APIARY - Lost In Focus

Apiary - Lost In Focus

13 songs
44:25 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


The band name says it all: an apiary is a place where beehives are collected. And like a bunch of killer bees pursuing some scared victim is sounding Lost In Focus, the debut album by Californian math metal newcomers Apiary. A stunning tour de force, Lost In Focus delivers three quarters of an hour technically impossible rhythm stunts with metalcore aggression, finding the right balance between commercial acceptance and progressive musicianship.

In this they are much better than most typical metalcore bands, and had this been released years ago, when Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan hadn't invented the genre yet, this might have been one of the true classics of the genre. Nowadays it all comes across like one more band doing the proggy aggro metal thingy, but I have to concede that from a technical point of view, Apiary rate among the top.

Like so often, this is an album you can listen on two levels: either you consume it because you want to have a good time in a self created moshpit in the middle of your living room. And as such, it is maybe a bit to strenuous to get 100% fun out of it. Or you wear your Meshuggah hat and your VoiVod ears to get immersed in the musical overload that is Lost In Focus, an album title that at times fits the music. Apiary add so many ingredients that listening to their debut album becomes at times an academic endeavour, entertaining as such, but with a knack for more accessible structures above the technical intricacies, they will have the future of math metal in their hands. Apiary is a band to look out for!

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