A POETIC YESTERDAY - A Little South Of Zero

A Poetic Yesterday - A Little South Of Zero

11 songs
38:38 minutes
***** ***


It seems as if there is a new breed of young wild youths emerging from the United Kingdom. It’s hard to believe how many new modern metalcore bands come from the island. Most of them take their inspiration from bands that themselves haven’t been around for more than five years. Often therefore the music sounds derivative, but then there is always the exception to the rule.

A Poetic Yesterday count certainly among the better bands of the genre. Although they don’t reinvent metal, they avoid unnecessary mistakes that would rob their product of attractiveness. Their adequately produced tracks show off a pleasing catchiness combined with a welcome brutality. The CD doesn’t suffer either from exaggerated length, and it’s furthermore astonishing to witness how well these young artists master already their instruments.

Fans of metalcore, emo, screamo and indie rock are the target audience of A Little South Of Zero. Despite well known patterns, their songs appeal more than those of the competition. Aggressive parts are countered with sugar-coated choruses, but the contrasts are more extreme than usually, and still manage to flow seamlessly into each other. A Poetic Yesterday sound like 36 Crazyfists, Killswitch Engage, Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance jamming together. The opener Firefighters Fight Fires is a furious start into the CD, but there comes even more. The final two tracks Serenade For Spiders and The Movie convince with a festive atmosphere. The different songs come with unexpected instrumental parts, sometimes acoustic, sometimes quite hectic, that add even more zest. Only the acoustic The Seller let me down a bit. This is better done on My Hairstyle Defines Me which is quite calm in its first two minutes before turning into something much faster and fiercer.

A Poetic Yesterday have more than one reason to be proud of their debut album. It’s good to see that it is still possible to transform something actually rather unspectacular into something this exciting.

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