ARCANE ORDER - In The Wake Of Collisions

Arcane Order - In The Wake Of Collisions

9 songs
48:45 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


The Danish metal five-piece Arcane Order released their astonishing debut The Machinery Of Oblivion two years ago, even if they hadn’t reached yet their peak of maturity. In the meantime, Arcane Order must have been inspired by their growing native metal scene, because they have realised such progress that their new album In The Wake Of Collisions should be able to catapult them to the top.

Whereas their debut limited itself to the thrash genre, their new CD seems to have no more boundaries. The foundation is still thrash metal, but influences from death metal, black metal and metalcore have been interwoven so smoothly that it becomes hard to describe their sound. Extreme metal would come closest to reality. It’s incredible how smartly Arcane Order combine brutality, playfulness and symphonic elements into a homogeneous whole. Even the interaction between the heavy guitars and the synthesizers works impeccably.

Much emphasis is put on variety. The songs are quite complex and full of pace changes. Even a cruder track like Unleash The Tyrant relies on occasional monumental passages. The three minute short instrumental When Oceans Become Deserts fits also well into the general concept of the album and at no moment fills like a mere filler. Their music is not instantly accessible though, and it takes some time and devotion to get into In The Wake Of Collisions, an album which should appeal especially to fans of Meshuggah and Devin Townsend.

I was tempted to give this album the maximum rating, but even though there are no fallouts, Arcane Order can’t set any new accents after six songs. I am still convinced though that In The Wake Of Collisions will be among the very best metal albums of the year.

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