ARCANE ORDER - The Machinery Of Oblivion

Arcane Order - The Machinery Of Oblivion

10 songs
46:33 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Until now, Hatesphere and maybe Illdisposed have been the only brutal metal bands from Denmark to have become more popular. But The Arcane Order, who started under the name Scavenger in 2000, have released such a strong album that they may top the aforementioned bands. The Machinery Of Oblivion is an excellent mixture of melodic thrash metal, brutal death metal and even small doses of hardcore and black metal.

The album starts with the extremely brutal Infinite Ghost Anathema which shows that The Arcane Order aim at the fanbase of Soilwork and Darkest Hour. The following The Superior Collision isn't less merciless and underlines the band's talent to combine great riffs with superior speed attacks. The album has a fine start, but unfortunately there is too much repetition in the middle of the record. The Arcane Order show on many occasions that they know how to combine crude death metal parts with more melodic elements. Even if it's not done too badly, the surprising effect soon vanishes. Towards the end, the album gets more fresh wind with the complex Voivod-like Flames Of Liberation and The Sanity Insane, a song where real old school thrash metal is confronted by absolutely melodic metal.

There is no discussion about The Arcane Order's highly developed technical abilities. But as the album suffers a bit from a lack of variation, it would have been a better idea to release an EP containing just 5 songs. But I'm pretty sure that an improvement will be possible for the next album as this one has only been their debut.

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